About Me

This is me. I go to college. I have a boyfriend that I absolutely adore. I am an After School Care Counselor for the Casady School system. I am a Children’s Ministry Intern and contrary to what I thought, I am LOVING it! My boyfriend is a missionary in Peru and he made me this blog because he is infatuated and he thinks I can write.

That’s my boyfriend. He plays the geetar. I love him.

ppppppppppppppAnd that’s us after he finally got back from 15 months in Peru! Man, Isn’t he haaaaandsome?!?! (Is that awkward?) Yes? GOOD! 😉

P.s. Did I mention that we’re engaged? Because we are!
p.s.s. Lemurs and Nerf guns accepted at our shower. 😉


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