Take time to smell the flowers. Literally.

Take time to smell the flowers.

Today on a quick excursion to ALDI, I was invited to take time to smell some flowers.

I was waiting in line to purchase 4 jars of spaghetti sauce and 4 pounds of noodles. (Big family). There was a raggedy man (probably homeless, but I’m not sure) in front of me buying 5 pink roses for $4.35. As I bounced up and down and tapped my foot and waited for him to fish out the change, I couldn’t help but smile as he expressed his excitement to the cashier. “It’s been suck a long time since I have smelled flowers this good!” he told the cashier at least 5 times. He was slightly difficult to understand, but this came through loud and clear. The cashier just smiled and continue waiting for his change. When he had paid, the man looked at me and said “you have GOT to smell these! It’s been such a long time since I smelled flowers this good! Such a long time!” So, with his invitation I leaned forward and smelled the flowers. And he hadn’t been lying. They were good smelling flowers.

Had it not been for that man, I wouldn’t have slowed down and taken the time to smell the flowers. (They were so pretty, too!)

Here’s the thing. With every holiday we all rush around doing “important” things. Taking time to smell 5 roses took zero time away from what I was doing. Easter is not meant to be a time of rushing around, but instead a time of slowing down and remembering this HOLYday. Remembering the sacrifice that was made for us all those years ago.

Slow down.

Slow down and hug your child. Slow down and have a glass of sweet tea. Slow down and sit on the porch and wave at your neighbors (even though they might look at you like you are creepy.) Slow down and hold your love one’s hand. Slow down and flip open your Bible. Slow down and dye an extra egg. Slow down and call someone on the phone. Slow down and write a friend a note. Slow down and spend 5 extra seconds letting someone know they are loved. Slow down and smell the flowers. Image


One thought on “Take time to smell the flowers. Literally.

  1. Love this! A very good reminder of what is important in life! One of the many important things in life I should say. What an inspiration you are!

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