Alyssa Loves

This weekend was the EWomens (E= extraordinary) Conference.

It feels like my whole entire family came…there were 5 of us there along with a group of wonderful ladies from church.

Friday night, after Tim Hawkins, Natalie Grant got up and gave an awesome concert!
My cousin Alyssa was one of my family members who came. Natalie Grant is her absolute favorite! Like…ABSOLUTE!

Let me tell you about my Alyssa.

My Alyssa isn’t your “normal” or “average” teenager. She doesn’t talk like your average teenager, or read like your average teenager, and looks a little different than your average teenager, and she doesn’t have the same story as your average teenager. Her story is one that has amazed people for years. Alyssa faced the challenges of cancer, a brain tumor, and numerous rounds of chemo as a child. Alyssa is a survivor.

Alyssa isn’t normal. She’s Extraordinary.
Alyssa talks. Man she talks. Being away at college I forgot how much she talks. Bless her little non-stop talking heart.
Alyssa loves. She loves with a love that is so Christ-like, you would have to see her to believe it.
Alyssa hugs. If you haven’t gotten a hug from Alyssa, you probably just haven’t met her yet.
Alyssa blesses. She blesses everyone she comes in contact with by her energetically loving personality.
Alyssa is the perfect example of living and loving life to its fullest. There is nothing that can stop Alyssa from living and loving—NOTHING.
And when Alyssa is happy, her joy radiates out like wind through the trees, making it impossible for people around her to be sad.
My family is compiled of a bunch of mostly white folk who can’t dance. We usually call our sad attempt “flailing”. AKA: arms-and-legs-a-flying.
So, as Natalie Grant started singing, Alyssa started flailing and singing and laughing. She was happy, and so was everyone around her. Alyssa was expressing pure joy.
Alyssa is pure joy.
I hope nothing is stopping you from living and loving.
If you think about it, and hopefully you don’t have to think too hard, you too have an extraordinary person in your life. My Extraordinary person is Alyssa.
And if you have never met my Extraordinary Alyssa, you are seriously missing out.

Yeah. That's at the Tulsa Police Station.

Yeah. That’s at the Tulsa Police Station.IMG_6317And Alyssa like Penguins. A LOT.


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