Our Story, Our Song, Our Journey

Ring Before Spring.
That’s right. It happened the SNU way… but I am perfectly fine with that! So there.
In a little less than a year and a half, I will be marrying my best friend. Our journey has not been ideal in the slightest, but it is OUR journey. The journey that we knew full well we would be going though if we entered a relationship. When he asked me to be his “committed other” (or however he worded it while trying to impress me), even though it took me 4 hours to say yes…and as he sat there sipping water from a pink sippy cup (probably trying to lighten the mood) at 2:00 in the morning in my kitchen…when he said “We don’t have to kiss.”…SOLD! (No awkward front porch kiss!)… I knew that I couldn’t say no. I had known for a month beforehand that he was the one I was going to marry. (Scary!) This is how I knew…Freshmen year of College I had made a status about how I couldn’t wait to sing duets with my husband…which he awkwardly commented on. (I still thought he was a weird creepy guy at church). Summer after Freshman year he asked me to sing with him at Cafe Hope- a ministry on Saturday evenings at New Hope Nazarene. After fighting it for a few weeks, I eventually said yes. And that’s how I knew. That’s where our song and our story began. (I still tried to avoid him the month leading up to him asking me out…which apparently guys take as a challenge or something. Dumb) (But I’m glad he chased me around the church.) Some may say that my reason for knowing was stupid and silly, but guess what, Your mom is silly! Joking! that’s sassy. My answer is this: This is our story and this is our journey, and every journey is different.

We started dating August 14th 2011. On September 29th 2011 he left for Peru. On December 13th 2012 he came back to America. For those of you who are like my roommate (Bless her sweet heart) and can’t do math, that’s 441 days, or 1 year, 2 months, and 14 days. THAT’S A LOT OF DAYS! Over those 14 months, he became my absolute best friend. He became the person I re-fell in love with every day, and the person I couldn’t stop waiting for.
The original mapped out plan was that on his 3-week visit home, we would get engaged and he would go back to Peru around January 4th 2013. God had different plans, and he ended up staying in the US, and we ended up not getting engaged. Since I’m a slightly dramatic girl, that was miserably awful. Thankfully, the two months extra we waited kinda flew by.

My favorite way to sum up his proposal is “They crashed our engagement with their wedding!”. True story.
Every day I pass the lighthouse by lake Hefner, and everyday I watch the sun set behind it. It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen, and I get to experience it 5 days a week! Anyway, Charles, (that’s what I sometimes call him) knows how much I love this spot. 2 weeks ago when he was in town to meet with a Pastor, we went to the lighthouse and watched the sunset. Points for him! While we were there we watched two couples busy with their engagement shoot…I named him Aladdin. On Valentines Day Patrick came to town. I told him a year ago that I did not want to be proposed to on a holiday. His argument was “It’s our year and a half anniversary, not Valentines day.” Touche, Charles, Touche. So naturally I was completely oblivious. He decided it would be a good idea to sit for an hour and a half to wait for the sun to set. IT WAS SO COLD! And windy!
This is the funny part! Right as the sun was setting, a group of 20 or so Hispanics start making their way towards the lighthouse. Patrick started to get frustrated. I probably slapped him. The group came right up behind the bench we were sitting at and BOOM! Had a wedding! We were uninvited guests. And I thought it was the most wonderful thing! Dear Lighthouse, you must be 2 other girls’ favorite also. But Patrick didn’t like it. (Turns out he was about to propose) After a few minutes had passed I told him we could go eat, but he insisted that we stay until the sun was completely down. I was still freezing and my poor hair was quickly starting to resemble a fro. Then, sly like he is, he said “Go to the other side of the lighthouse, there’s a surprise.” I was still freezing so it took me a good 3 minutes, and as I rounded the corner, I saw a little decoupage box that he made, where he’d taken the time to cut out twenty little pictures of himself, just pasted all over the box. So beautiful! I opened that beautiful little decoupage and out fluttered these tiny little hand cut heart confettis and once they cleared, I looked down and I saw the most beautiful, big… SIKE! That’s from my favorite movie.
…As I rounded the corner there he was, handsome as ever, kneeling and holding a ring. Bless his heart. He asked me to marry him in Español, to which I replied with a giggly “Yes” in English.

I am blessed and honored to be engaged to the man who I fell in love with in 2011 and have been falling in love with every day since.
This is our story, our song, and our journey. Maybe it’s not the way you would have done it, but it’s the way we did. And I love it.

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Don’t worry. The wedding won’t be until I graduate. 🙂


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