Without Words

(I wrote this…but don’t know where to stick it…and it doesn’t quite fit in with my post, so I’m going to “P.s” it at the front.)

P.s Our Chapel theme this year is “The Divine Mosaic”. God has a purpose for our lives. God lets us mess up and make mistakes and make our own choices. God doesn’t have set road for our life. He has a purpose. Without our past, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I know that it’s hard to understand why awful things happen, but awful things are part of our story. Part of our purpose. Every little piece of our life is put together to form and lead us to our purpose.

P.s.s Right before making this post, I saw that my friend posted about the same thing. I was tempted to read hers but didn’t want to mix her thoughts with mine, so I only read her ending, and will resume once I finish this.

Cardboard Testimonies.

I’m hoping that everyone knows what that is, so I’m not going to explain it much.

Today at SNU we had “Hills” chapel- meaning that the Hills Dorm was in charge of the whole sha-bang. Not really want to go but needing the chapel credit, I went (and my friend was leading worship) (and I had no reason to skip). Today in chapel, no words were spoken but amazing testimonies were told. People shared their insecurities and their past fears and addictions, and then their new self in Christ. But, these weren’t just people. These were people that I see every day, people that I live with, people that I have class with, friends, coworkers, and my roommate. All of these amazingly brave students decided that they would get up in front of 300+ people and without words, share their testimony.

Today in chapel, some of the greatest stories were told- in silence.

Today in Chapel the greatest message was taught- without words. God is a God of love. God heals, God forgives, God purifies, God reveals, and God makes new.

God was in chapel today. God’s presence was surrounding every single person in the room.

Everyone has a testimony, and everyone should share how God has changed their life. Sometimes people feel like they don’t have a good enough testimony, or theirs is too painful….as my friend Shelby just posted, “Just remember one thing my dear friends, you aren’t the only one.” You have a testimony, “and someone else needs to hear it”

Today I was reminded that God has a purpose. A purpose for every awful-insane-whacky-scary-make no sense thing.

Goodnight. I have class in 6 hours.



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