“Big Church”

Why I always decide to write a blog before a paper beats me.

That’s a lie. I’m totally avoiding writing my paper.

The past few weeks I have been able to attend “big church”. I am a children’s intern, and am usually responsible for children during service. Today was Family Sunday, so all of the children except for the toddlers were in big church. Today we were recognizing our Pastors and their spouses for everything they do. The congregation was then called to pray at the altar for the Pastors.

Let me tell you real quickly how I feel about the altar. I am not one to go up much. I know that God meets me where I am in my seat. If I feel the need, I would go up, but most of the time I am content where I am.

Okay, that aside.

As the congregation was being invited up, a boy sitting behind me that I happen teach every Wednesday night in the Kindergarten class, told his mom “I wanna go up there” and proceeded to jump up and walk forward, his mom following behind.

I was filled with joy when I heard him say this. I look ahead at the future and am fearful for the next generation and what they will have to go through in this world. Reaching kids right now is so vital in this day and age. By the time a child reaches 12 or 13, and sometimes even before, they have most likely made up their mind on God. As a Missions major, I really believe that if you bring up a child right in the ways of the Lord, they will be able to stand their ground and will not falter. It was a comfort to see this 6 year old jump up to go pray with the adults at the altar. He is already making his faith public at such a young age. This gives me hope.

This post is officially longer than my paper that is due tonight, so I better switch over to that now.  Yipp.Ee…


3 thoughts on ““Big Church”

  1. Do you usually do well on your papers? Just watched a study and the Dr. doing it proved that students who wrote for 10 minutes prior to taking a test(usually on why they were scared about the test) did better on the test than students who didn’t. Maybe your blog helps you write a better paper. I enjoyed reading it even if it didn’t help with your paper 🙂

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