Inspired In my Pepto Outfit.

Today I was inspired.
I did not expect to have a good day, as I’ve been going through life lately…and sometimes life sucks. (I can say that. It’s my blog) Let me tell you what I wore today so you can picture how my life has been. I wore pink sweats, a pink sweatshirt, and slippers. I looked like a giant bottle of Pepto-Bismol as my friend pointed out, and I didn’t even care.

Every Tuesday and Thursday SNU has mandatory chapel. Usually I’m like “yahoo!” but today I was like “yip….ee”. If you catch my drift. Anyway, what happened today was not expected.
My friend Shelby and I headed to chapel like we always do after Church History, and we expected to sit in our usual seats. Today there was a girl sitting in one of our seats. She is blind. At least one person wouldn’t notice that I looked like Pepto-Bismol. Not knowing how to react, I took the seat to the left of Shelby who sat next to this girl. Today we had a guy from Zambia leading worship. And let me tell ya, it was awesome! He was the most energetic chapel worship leader I have seen in a looooooooooooong time. He referred to his songs as “dances”. This is a problem for me because I was born Nazarene. AKA “without rhythm”. Oh well. The girl next to Shelby wouldn’t notice.

I’m pretty sure that before the guy even began to sing LaQuanna (The blind girl. I just had to ask her name) was standing up and jumping around. This was not Nazarene “jumping” aka bouncing in place, this was equivalent to trampoline jumping. That one act made me feel joy that I haven’t felt in a while. The singer began doing these hilarious dance moves that we were to follow and LaQuanna being blind, would feel around for Shelby and ask her what he was doing, and she would do her best to explain. At one point LaQuanna was trying to hi-five Shelby and she ended up between us both…so she started to hi-five us both. (I don’t think she noticed) But I didn’t care. I was happy.

Every so often LaQuanna would end up a few feet away from us due to her energetic dancing and we, Shelby and I of course, would exchange “Oh-dear-I-hope-she-finds-her-way-back” glances. She was practically doing a gymnastic floor routine in front of the altars. This girl was awesome! I finally came to the conclusion that she dances like this and believes that everyone else is too, or she just doesn’t care that they might not be.

I was struck with the yearning for a joy like LaQuanna. How free would we feel if we couldn’t see the looks others gave us when we worshiped, or we couldn’t see that no one else was doing what we were doing? …Why does it even matter what others think about how we worship? I want the freedom that LaQuanna feels. I want to dance like no one’s watching and sing out like no one can hear.

Today I was inspired by a girl who couldn’t see that I was ridiculously dressed like a giant bottle of Pepto.

I could write forever about this experience, but I have an essay to write. And it’s due in 4 hours.


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