365 days ago my boyfriend left for Peru. 100 days ago I couldn’t even imagine today. I have learned lots of things through this journey, and here is a minuscule list…

  1. The distance doesn’t get easier, you just learn to handle it.
  2. This must be what love really is. We have been dating for 13 months, and he has been gone 12. I love him more today than ever before.
  3. When people would say “Just take it one day at a time” I wanted to say “Well duh! If I could take it 17 days at a time I would.”
  4. Having the same love language is quite wonderful!
  5. Quality Time.
  6. Skype is our new best friend.
  7. We thank God for internet every day.
  8. Communication skills GREATLY improve when all you can do is talk.
  9. I have become a pro at Battleship! He only wins when I let him. 😉
  10. Secretly finding a cheat for Scrabble makes him think you are a genius.
  11. Internet problems are serious problems.
  12. Sometimes, you just have to have a crappy day.
  13. It is still possible to go through life together when you are apart.
  14. A three-week visit has never sounded more amazing.
  15. Daddy better get ready! 😉

I love YOU!


One thought on “Three-Hundred-Sixty-Five

  1. Pooh yeah, loving the 15 th………Patrick should get ready too! Love you both very much and I am so proud of both of you and how God is blessing your commitment. Marriage will never be easy but one thing I have learned is that love is NOT just a feeling but a decision that you make everyday! Always put God first and he will continue to bless your lives together! :-}

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