Obviously Mistaken?

My silly ever so loving boyfriend made me a blog. He thinks I can write. I just think he’s infatuated. 🙂

This is a response I submitted for my Theology of Christian Missions Class:
Sometimes it’s the smallest most random sentences that capture me and run through my head. Richardson says a line in his book Eternity in their Hearts “We had to ask God for special help…” and then continues on with his story about life in New Guinea.  That one line has stuck with me through the book. God is willing to help us, and he wants to…we just have to be humble enough to ask. We can’t let our pride get so in the way that we forget to stop and ask God for help. Help for guidance and direction, help for answers and healing, help for strength and energy, and help to make it through. When we ask God for help, it is not always because we are too weak on our own, it’s that God made us just strong enough to be able to lean on Him, ask for help, and make it through. I am always fascinated by the “Peace Child” story that Richardson summarizes in this book. It is in amazing story of faith and perseverance.

Sometimes I think about how God is big enough to do anything, and we are just His helpers…if this is true…why don’t we ask Him for help more often? He is in charge and it is His work we are doing. Why not ask the one who is in charge for help when we need it? I can’t go and clean my sister’s room without asking her about what I need to do, and possibly asking for help.  If we think we can do His work all on our own…we are obviously mistaken. Why is it so hard to set aside our pride and ask God for help?


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